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High school Media & Production

High School of Media & Production is an educational project by 1+1 media company, with the main goal to provide a high-quality world-class media education in Ukraine.

For five consecutive years, our practitioners have been sharing their unique expertise, with more than 1500 students having graduated the School. Most of them are now part of the team of the best employed with 1+1 media and working at projects by 1+1 Production, others have made it to 1+1 media’s personnel pool.

In 2016, High School was a runner up at a high profile HR Brand 2016 Award in the category ‘Ukraine’ with the highest number of participants.

High School’s coaches are #theteamofthebest, those who #impress, and create the coolest and highest rated projects in Ukraine. They are experts with 1+1 media Group’s TV channels, 1+1 Production, and TSN possessing unique knowledge and sharing their experience in the field of television, modern journalism, and media management.

As of today, High School of Media & Production has six fields of study:

  • TV production;
  • Media management;
  • Journalism and news;
  • Presenters of programs and entertainment shows;
  • New media;
  • Children’s media school.

High School of Media & Production offers courses and trainings both for beginners who simply dream of career on television and for qualified practitioners who aim to improve their skills. Higher School also holds dedicated workshops and seminars for professionals in TV industry and new media given by recognized foreign experts.

High School of Media & Production means an opportunity for students to learn from prominent experts of media market, and to witness the process of TV-making. For this purpose, 1+1 media provides its production capacities: a modern live news studio equipped with VizRT technology, indoor sets for the biggest TV shows, and TSN newsroom open their doors for those who are willing to master the most restless careers in the world.

High School of Media & Production means courage to grow personally and professionally!